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No Update Today Going Back To Atavism!

No one know how complex is MMORPG to make while dont try. I and friend making MMORPG game Asteidus 1 year and it is not yet ready.

Wish you good luck in selling.

Thank you yes is hard and long!

why are my comments removed

Because you dont know what your talking about.

I only said that I took a look at Atavism, as you state you're making your game with this. That can be great, but it looks like you're using the standard assets from atavism without any change. take a look at the screenshots and videos from atavism on and your own. I just asked about that, what are you making your game special and unique with? No offense, but it sure looks like offense was taken, if that's the case I'm staying far away from a dev like you if you can't take any critical views on your work.


I would like to make a Gameplay Review Video or maybe a let's Play Serie on Youtube. Its possible to become a Key for making Videos?! I would Lets Play it in Germany.

My YT Channel: Failjack Youtube


Sa dlair très intéressant moi qui commence à jouer pc ça pourrais être intéressant à me familioraser avec les touche puis en plus j'aide une personne à d'ici à rendre son jeu gros alors why not chapeau à toi max et continue ton beau travail

Lots of potential, Looking foward for new updates !

Keep up the good work ;)

Hello, all please leave me all your feed back thank you :)